Sunday, 19 August 2012

Crafts - I Love them....

I have always been interested in crafting.  

When I was young my Mum taught me how to knit and cross stitch and still to this day I still love doing these.  At the moment cross stitching is one of my favourite things to do but sometimes I get frustrated that it takes so long to complete, although when the picture is completed I feel so proud of myself.

Currently I am working on Grace Faces by Josephine Wall which I found at Heaven and Earth Design, this website has some of the most amazing cross stitch designs I have ever seen.

Grace Faces by Josephine Wall
The detail and beauty just amaze me, I am working on 32 count linen and using the parking method.

As cross stitching take so long I also started looking around for quicker projects, where I can see the results quicker and I came across Digital Scrap Booking - I am already addicted (I stayed up until 3.30am last night doing this).  I brought a scrap booking set years ago and it still sits on the shelf waiting to be started but with digital it is so quick its amazing.

There are many website which give advice and freebies but my favourite so far are:

ShabbyPrincess - great tutorials and downloads.

MyMemories - love this site, it has everything you need.
goDigitalscrapbooking - another favourite and great support on the forum.

These are my first two digital scrap booking pages.

I am quite impressed with myself....

I have also started doing small DIY crafts, which I am starting this week, including DIY Tree Chalk Board and Butterflies in a Jar.

So much to do this week..........HAPPY DAYS.

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