Saturday, 22 September 2012

Online Yoga

As part of my Be Fit in 90 Days, I am also adding in some yoga and I came across two great sites.

I have completed one lesson on each of the sites and I am impressed.

The first site is My Yoga Online - you sign up free or pay a monthly fee, I like this site for all the information, receips and classes - my favourite instructor so far is Rachel Wainwright, her lessons are challenging and powerful.

The second site is Do Yoga with Me - this site is free but you can make a contribution to the site.  This site has hundreds of lessons and so my favourite instructor is Kim Wilson, her lessons are very challenging but she makes it fun, the class latest 58 minutes but the time flew by.

Click Here...

So far, I am up to day five of the 90 day challenge and I am enjoying, on the days off I do a yoga class, which I think is just as hard.  I am getting closer to that handbag - best start looking for one :)

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