Thursday, 13 September 2012

So far this week....

I haven't achieved a lot this week, it has been quite a low few days - very hard to motivate myself.  But what I have managed to achieve is getting my new bicycle and cycling to and from the shop (6km round trip and the saddle is very uncomfortable) 

My funky Bicycle
I have baked some Cinnamon buns and cupcakes, both from new recipes, I fell in love with Cinnamon Buns when I went to Florida with my Mum and we have the most amazing warm large buns and I have never found them so good since.

The cinnamon buns where made from a yeast free recipe, but next time I am going to use yeast to hopefully increase the size and lightness of the dough and of course add glazing to them.

And of course my cross stitching, I have not achieved much this week, it has become very complex and I have struggled with it, but yesterday I managed to pass this stage and completed 600 stitches.

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