Monday, 3 September 2012

Three Firsts.....

Since living here in Poland, I have my car, which is from England to drive around in but now the MOT and Insurance has ended and the steering wheel needs to be put on the wrong side of the car to pass a MOT in Poland, firstly I am finding this quite hard as it will completely change the look and feel of my beloved Polo and secondly it is very expensive to do so.

So in the meantime I have been stuck in our village and slowly going crazy, to combat this I decided that I needed to get out of the village, first I walked to the nearest supermarket which is 6km's there and back but quite a nice walk with Nanook, secondly I drove my first Polish auto-mobile, which turned out to be Rafal's 3 tonne work truck - I thought I did ok until I drove on the path - it is a very large truck, so I did well.

Rafal Truck I drove - No Big Deal :)
The third and final first was catching the bus by myself into the city today - I know it doesn't seem a big deal, but when you don't speak the language it is a big deal and I do not like catching the bus - but I did it, went and brought some threads for my cross stitch and then returned home.

Tomorrow I am going to buy a bike, so more freedom /bye

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