Friday, 2 November 2012

All Saints Day

We are in Rzeszow, Poland.

Being a foreigner in Poland I find it very hard at times, mostly because we live in, Rzeszow in South East of Poland, and not many people speak English and I am struggling to learn Polish (extremely hard language to learn and get my head around).

Also I find some of the traditions great and some not so - for example 'Names Day', which means when its your Name Day, you get gifts like flowers and chocolates (also another reason to drink vodka) - Rafal's name's day is 24th October.

The most stunning tradition here and in a lot of countries is All Saints Day, where people celebrate the lives of people that had passed away, they do this by lighting candles at the graves and laying flowers.  At night it is a stunning sight to see the cemetery all alight up by thousands of candles.

I hope I dont upset anyone by posting this picture, but I wanted to show how it looks and how different countries in the world have different traditions.


  1. What a great pic of a beautiful tradition. Thanks for sharing !

  2. Thank you Lulu. What's your blog address, I cant seem to locate it. xx

  3. Ha! International Cross Stitch Group on facebook and you live in my country :D Don't worry about polish language - many polish ppl have also problems with it ;) greetings from Szczawnica - also on south (in mountains) but we are closer to Cracow than Rzeszów :)
    PM me on facebook or via e-mail if you have any question or wanted just talk :)

  4. Hi Meri, I cant find the International Cross Stitch Group on facebook - dont know why. This is the link to my page, please add me it would be great to have a Friend and I love the mountains :)

  5. I saw that ypu were asking for votes for your blog in Cross Stitch group on facebook - that's were I found about your blog :)


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