Thursday, 22 November 2012

Frame or Q-Snaps

I currently use 8x8 inch Q-Snaps to stitch my design and with Gaia because it is all I have and it is difficult due to the size of the material - 40x50 inches  I have been looking for a standing frame to use and found one on Ebay and looks great but I am not sure of the investment.

Standing Craft Frame on Ebay

If I had still lived in England it would cost £19,99 and I would have purchased it straight away, not even worried about talking to Rafal but here in Poland the cost of living is so different and the frame cost 2 days wages - so this make the decision extremely hard and the postage is almost the same as the frame (frame 103zl + postage 82zl = 185zl).

I really want the frame but do not want to be selfish with Christmas coming - completely struggling with what to do with this one.

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