Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Nearly There

Yesterday I started the last page of the bottom row and completed 854 stitches (my fingers are sore today). I have the last 600 (approximately) stitches to go to complete this row.  I dont think I will complete it today as I am off into the City to meet a new Polish friend and a meeting at a kid's school, but I am going to try.

Yesterday's work (19th November 2012)
The photo doesn't really show all the purple's in the design.

Getting ready to stitch today.
 I am not sure which way to go, work from left to right or work right to left - these are going to be full pages now and will take me a lot longer but I am hoping to see some more detail in the design on the next row.


  1. Looking good! Wow this design looks big you are doing it in 18 count right?

  2. Thank you for your kind words, they keep me stitching when I am losing the enthusiasm.

    Lulu - I am stitching this on 14 count adia - its not my favourite material but I wanted to make this design large :)


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