Friday, 7 December 2012

20,000 stitches complete.....

Finally after two weeks and one day I have finally completed a full page of Gaia, it would have been completed faster if I hadn't been sick.

20112/ 272250 stitches completed = 7.39% complete.

I am hoping to have a change of colours, as I slightly bored of stitching just the sea now.

Another page completed - a full size page.

The actually size of the design so far.

I am aiming to complete the next page by next Friday as I have a quiet week ahead and would like to complete the second row by the end of the year...... Best get stitching!! 


  1. Great progress. It usually takes me about a month to finish a page so you are going great.

  2. You are really fast :) I can't wait to see the pattern finished. You inspired me, so although I had bought 2 HEAD's I checked all the designers they have and create my own wishlist. I fall in love with designs from Nene Thomas and - my husband buy for me one of her pattern (Lullaby) on my wishlist as a Christmas gift!!! :) Now I really have to buy q-snaps :D and threads and start to work with it. I am so happy, I had to tell someone about it :)

  3. Meri - I am so pleased for you, Lullaby is a beautiful design, I look forward to seeing it.

  4. Wow, you are really fast and this is goooorgeous!!!! Awesome work!!! I agree with Lesleyanne-- a month usually for me as well to finish a page!! Really beautiful! :)


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