Monday, 31 December 2012

2013.... My Luck Year???

Number 13 is actually my lucky number, short story I was 2 days old when I had an operation that saved my life and the date Friday 13th January 1978 and since then 13 and 28 have been lucky to me.

This year has not been one of my best, it will be a year I dont remember, so I am hoping that with all my fingers crossed 2013 is a good year.  Of course to make it good I need to make some changes too, nothing will happen if I do not make an effort, so here are my 2013 resolutions:

1. Be Kinder to Rafal - think before I speak!!! I have always had trouble with what I say at times.
2. Learn Polish - Make an effort to learn, not really tried to learn much, so I am going too.
3. Complete my Access to Nursing Diploma - only 3 units left.
4. Complete Sadness of Gaia - a lot to do here!!!
5. Practice Yoga - this does help me relax and stay calm.
6. Treat everyone as I wish to be Treated.

Nothing ground breaking but small things to make my life better and may be those around me.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year - see you in 2013.


  1. Happy New Year Lesleyanne. I am hoping 2013 will be kinder too.

  2. Sometimes it's the smallest things that produce the biggest changes. I think your list sounds like a great start to a happier (and luckier) 2013. Good Luck and Happy New Year!!

  3. I hope 2013 is nothing but lucky for you! I like your resolutions. I think number 6 should be universal!


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