Monday, 7 January 2013

Gaia Weekly Update...

I didn't achieve any where near my target for the week and so disappointed.  My stitching seems to have slowed right now, I did experiment with the 'cross country' style of stitching and I found that really slow and a disorganised style of stitching - so I am now back to my 'parking method'.

I was starting to worry that the picture was going to lose some of the detail but as you can see from the photos (model by Rafal) its ok - but Rafal thinks 'its amazing' so I continue onwards.

The mini project I have decided to do is one for Rafal's Mum, she is so good to me and loves my stitching, so I will stitching one from 'Love Thy Thread'.
Love Thy Thread
My Mother in Law loves Orchids, so I need to get this finished and started by end of July.

I didn't achieve my weekly targets:
4200 Stitches of Gaia - 1830 stitches completed.
24 Hours of Studying - 8 hours of study (I am waiting on confirmation I am able to apply to uni, due to being out of the UK).
7 Acts of Kindness - Completed.

So I will have the similar targets this week and I am adding in Yoga.

I hope everyone has a Happy Monday.


  1. Gaia looks beautiful. I think you have made great progress. Love the Orchid for your MIL.

  2. I totally agree with the "parking method" being one of the fastest. The other way I found (not for a wall chart though) is to half stitch and then mark your paper and them zip back through it and voila - a lot more is done then you think! This won't work with Jo Wall's stuff though-- your right- 'cause there is waaayy to much confetti. :)


  3. Hello! I just found your blog through Random Acts of Stitching Kindness (I'm a part of it too). You do some lovely stitching! I can't wait to see more updates!



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