Monday, 18 February 2013


Today I started my new running program, I have always enjoyed running on a treadmill at the gym but here in Poland the gym fees are so so expensive that I have decided to run along the roads in the village, there is some nice views and the roads are quiet in the mornings.

So today I completed day one, which  consisted of Running for 1 minute and Walking for 2 minutes and repeated x 10 and I am so pleased I completed it, even in the snow.  Tomorrow is walking for 30 minutes, which is no problem.

Feel good about my achievement and hope I manage to stick to it...


  1. Sounds like your off to a great start.

    Congratulations on your running.

    I need to get back to riding my bike!

  2. Good luck with the new running program!

  3. HI! I'm still making the rounds from the Grow Your Blog party! I'm your newest follower!

    Wow..running...good for YOU! I just started trying to get in shape today and walked for 45 minutes... a Mall. Yeah, I'm one of those old Mall walkers. Do you have people who do that in Poland?
    It was nice "meeting" you here..
    Have a great week!
    sandy :)


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