Wednesday, 10 July 2013

July's TUSAL...

I am a couple of days late posting my TUSAL, but here it is...

To take part in the TUSAL 
please visit ''Its Daffy Cat"

I dont have a Sadness of Gaia update today, there is so much confetti that it taking me so long to complete this page, I will of course add an update when I am half way through the page - maybe next week...

I am also busy trying to learn Polish (still) that I am trying to do 3 hours a day, I have family coming to visit in November and I want to be able to show them I can speak some Polish (its such a hard language to understand and learn)...

Has anyone else had trouble learning a new language or have any tips for me?...

Have a good week xx xx 


  1. As you know, I am French & I'm living in UK. Learning English was really hard work while I was at school. After learning for 12 years during my education, I arrived in UK and I was useless & not fluent at all!!! What really helped: living there & meeting people & watching TV... so sweetie, do not give up, you are doing the best thing you can to learn the language: you are living in Poland!! You will have the most respect from people because they will see you are trying your best... Next best thing: you'll speak Polish fluently :)

  2. I also recommend watching TV to help immerse yourself I'm the language. Do they show Britt/US shows with subtitles? That has helped me pick up more Norwegian reading comprehension. Or if the programs are dubbed you can learn by seeing a program you are famiar with and focusing on hearing the words. Good luck! They make it way to easy to speak English here in Oslo so I haven't learned very much Norwegian.

  3. Well, my father is Arab and my mother is American, so I grew up with both languages in my house. But my mother, who has now lived in Kuwait for 27 years, still struggles with basic Arabic conversation. I don't know how hard Polish is, but Arabic is DIFFICULT. I've been speaking it my whole life, and I swear to you, I would not be able to write this same comment in Arabic. Now, that's sad!


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