Thursday, 5 September 2013

TUSAL and Universal Craft Blog Directory...

I have finally have found a new job here in Poland, using my English language, I am now a Nanny to a beautiful 16 month old little girl, I work four days a week and its giving me a bit of independence of earning some money and have a bit of my own life too.  I have been working for two weeks now and loving it, I cycle to work and back, which is 12 km's each day....So I am getting more exercise too - its win win all round.

The down side to working now is I am stitching a lot less and still have not completed the current page of Gaia, but I am aiming to this weekend.

It is time for our TUSAL - mine is getting quite full now but I am not sure what I am going to do with the jar contents at the end of the year.... I may just continue to add my threads to this jar. 

came across this blog with a Universal Craft Blog Directory, where people have added their blog addresses (its also free) and you can find hundreds of new blogs to read.

Universal Craft Blog Directory

To join the directory, you add your blog link, make a post about the blog on your blog and job done..... Easy.

Have a great weekend and I hope to be back very soon with another completed page of Gaia...


  1. I love your orts. I have been saving mine up for the last 3 years, one day I will use it up as filling for making ornaments :) Saves waste and saves a few pennies :) Thank you for this link to Universal Craft Blog Directory, it looks truly wonderful. xxx

    1. Great idea Stephie, I think I will do the same and save up for a small cushion. :)


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