Friday, 4 October 2013

Am I Crazy?...

I am not sure if I am crazy or not but yesterday I signed up for the Warsaw Marathon taking place on Sunday 13th April 2014 with an estimated completion time of 5h:30ms.  My training will co inside with my 10k, which is 5 weeks but I am loving the training and looking forward to the big challenge.

I have not done any stitching for a couple of weeks and need to start as I have some Christmas gifts I want to give, one an advent calendar and one for the little girl I look after.  So I am hoping to do some stitching tomorrow.

But of course, before Christmas is Halloween and Jo over at 'Serendipitous Stitching' is have a 'Trick or Treat Blog Hop' so if you fancy joining in, please pop over and sign up.


  1. Happy stitching dear..
    Have a lovely weekend
    Hugs x

  2. You are braver than me! I think next year will just be more 5 and 10k! Good luck with the training x

  3. Well done! Good luck with your training scheme
    Enjoy your stitching when you cool down and relax :)

  4. Not sure whether you are Crazy or just Brave... either way, good luck with the training!! x


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