Wednesday, 23 October 2013

No stitching done...

It seems I have lost my stitching bug... I have tried on many occasions to get my stitching out but that's as far as it goes, it comes out and then goes away again, I think that there are three main reasons:

  1. I have been working on the same design for almost a year now.
  2. The page I am working on does not have any detail on it and I am disappointed about it.
  3. I have become addicted to running - its all I think about and want to do at the moment.
I do think that there may be a cure for this loss and that's the new release over at HAED (Heaven and Earth Designs) of the 'Treasure Hunt Bookshelf' by Aimee Stewart.  Since I saw the preview months ago I wanted to stitch this design and finally I can.

I love the colours and details in this picture, it has 90 colours in it. I am going to try and stitch it on 25 count as the size is 25 x 18 inches (63.5 x 46 cm), which is quite large and I have found stitching on 14 count adia for Sadness of Gaia too much at times.

I am also trying to train for next years marathons, I have registered for two marathons and two half marathons, which I am hoping I am able to achieve.  I am loving my running training, I never thought I would become addicted to any form of exercise but I am.  You can follow my running blog by clicking here.

So fingers crossed I am able to start enjoying my stitching again as its important to me...


  1. Aww this new release is so sweet...I hope you get your stitchy bug back soon..
    Hugs x

  2. Lovely new chart. Look forward to seeing your new start.

  3. Don't give up, your stitching bug will return soon :) Greetings :)

  4. Hope your stitchy bug comes back soon but it's also great to hear that you are enjoying a new past time. I wish I could get into exercise that much!! Love the new chart, I hope to see some progress on it soon :)

  5. The new HAED pattern looks fab!! You'll get back in the swing of stitching, it happens to all of us at one time or another :-)

  6. I find working on one project too long makes life dull! Mix it up a bit :)

  7. What a beautiful piece from HAED! This has just moved to the TOP of my wishlist there. Looking forward to following your progress on this one!

  8. Love this piece! I hear there are two more prints to be released by Aimee. Wonder if Michele will chart the two new ones?
    Hope your stitchy bug returns as this one is a great HAED!

  9. I like the look of that HAED but I would never attempt one of them. The Mira's are enough for me ;-) Hope your stitchy bug returns soon, mine is very slowly coming back too. In the meantime continue to enjoy your running and when you feel like stitching again you will.

  10. I agree, maybe you should mix it up some. I look forward to all the progress pics for people stitching this one, I don't think I'll do it, but will enjoy seeing other's WIPS.


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