Thursday, 15 May 2014

Finally Page Completed...

I have been working on this page for the past week and a half for about 7 hours a day to complete this page.  I loved working on this one as the peacocks tail feathers came into it and detail is beautiful.

I have also notice a cat (I think that is what it is!!) and part of the tiger appear, so I can not wait to complete this row to get back to the animals.

Pages 19 & 20 Completed...
I now have 23 more pages to go and Gaia will be finally completed...

Pages 20/ 42 Completed...
My running news, I have reached my 500 Mile Milestone this week, I was so pleased.  Not bad as I only started running in October 2013 and I have achieved so much more through running than I ever thought I could.

I completed a Half Marathon Race last Saturday (10th May 2014) for The Asthma Research Charity in the UK, so it was great to run for a worthwhile cause.  

My Third Half Marathon Medal...
I have my next 3 races coming up, starting with a 10K this weekend, followed by Trek Half Marathon and another 10K, I am addicted to these races :)... 

How is everyone elses stitching coming along??

Any signs of Summer where you live?? We have had rain all week so far...


  1. Beautiful stitching it looks absolutely stunning. Well done on reaching 500 miles!

  2. WOW!! comes to mind when I looked at your current stitching! Goodness what a project... its wonderful. I really love all the colors and little interesting things to look at inside the main picture too.
    Congratulations on reaching the 500 miles mark! And GO YOU!! Good luck for your up coming races too :)
    The sun is shining, lovely blue sky here along the coast of Southern UK :)
    Smiles :)

  3. Wow!! Your current wip is mesmerizing!!! Stunning :)
    Good luck with the races!

  4. Congrats on getting another page done on Gaia and hitting the 500 mile mark !!!! I haven't done any stitching for weeks - just burnt out I guess. As for weather - it's hit the 90's here in Washington state. Hopefully it will drop back down to the 70's soon.

  5. looks gorgeous!
    well done on reaching the 500 miles!! Good luck for the next races

  6. Wow you've got a lot to celebrate! Congrats on finishing another stunning page on Gaia. The cat looks a little foxlike to me but it's great to see all these little details appear that weren't noticed before.

    500 miles!!! Whoa that's fantastic, good on ya Road Runner - beep beep
    xo Alicia


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