Monday, 5 November 2012

I am so lucky

I was lucky enough to receive some gifts in the post from three of my Facebook friends.  It felt like Christmas opening them all this morning.

This what I received:

This is Magic/ Grid material, which assists with guiding you whilst stitching.
I received a sample of 25 & 18 count - Thank you Elizabeth.

I won the magazine from Bea, but she was so kind and put in some extra gifts of material,
 to make some of the Christmas gifts - too kind and Thank you Bea.

And Middle Earth and DMC threads from another lovely lady.
I can not believe someone would give me the threads too.

Receiving these beautfiuk items from such kind people has touch me, making me remember that there are such kind people in the world.  I am so happy and grateful to all three ladies.  I am one happy stitcher today.


  1. Middle Earth map... ah... lucky you ;)

  2. wow lucky you ! I love heaven and earth designs as well x

  3. Lesleyanne, The Middle Earth chart that you received is a copy printed from a .pdf and the person that sent it is in copyright violation of our designs.


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