Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Good news is I won a competition on 'Heather's Stitching Story' - I won four kits, which cheered me so much, Thank you Heather and I also managed to do quite a lot of stitching, which I am pleased about - can see the fish coming.

16349/ 272250 = 6% (27th November 2012)

I am hoping to complete this page this week, I think my goal of a page a week was too high an achievement, as there is so much confetti in the design it makes it difficult.  So my new goal is one page every two weeks.

Here the latest stitching I have complete 6% of the design, so only 94% to go - crazy thought.

This is the fire place that I get to sit next too everyday and stitch, I love it, makes it so cosy especially with the Polish winter coming fast.

Finally to top my day off I got a huge cuddle from Rafal, which always makes everything better - sometimes we all just need a hug.

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