Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Losing the Bug

For some reason I am losing the stitching bug, I can not motivate myself to do any kind of stitching and I have so much to do - may be that is the reason why, I am putting pressure on myself and this is taking away the joy of stitching.  

I am starting to feel very restless lately, I started doing yoga again yesterday as this always seems to help me recentre and calm down, it helped a lot yesterday, I am going to try and stitch some more this afternoon after meeting my friend in the city.

But on a better note Heaven and Earth Designs have started releasing Annya Kai designs, not the one I am waiting for but I do like the one that has been released.

Autumn Owl Trio
Looks so cute, I love the Starbucks coffee cup.  This one below is the one I am waiting for, I understand from Annya that it was requested to be charted - so I am waiting patiently :)

I have also changed my mind for the SAL 2013, I love the colours and detail in this design, it is still Josephine Wall - Queen of the Night.  I will be trying to stitch this on 25 count material, as I have some from my last attempt.

Queen of the Night - Josephine Wall


  1. I love the new HAED artist, I can see many of hers been added to my wish list, I also loved the peacock which was released yesterday as well.

    I hope you get your mojo back soon!

  2. I saw these owls, they're really cute :D

  3. I am also so excited that the Anya Kai designs are starting to arrive at HAED!!! After I finish up some projects next year I plan to start to stitch one as my very first HAED. I bought a few prints of her work from her etsy store for Christmas presents for others but was waiting to stitch one for myself :)

  4. I came over to see your blog after seeing that you won Heather's giveaway and had to smile at your first sentence. Hope the joy of winning brings your stitching mojo back!

  5. I love that image. Is it a kit? After years of not stitching I am really getting in to it again and have no idea where to purchase kits, patterns and supplies.


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