Friday, 23 November 2012

New Friend and New Page

This morning I met up with my new friend Josaia, my first Polish friend and had such a great time with her, learning a small amount of Polish whilst she learnt a small amount of English, thankfully her English is a lot better than my Polish.  And I now have someone to go horse riding with (when the spring comes), which I am so excited about.

I am starting to feel that Rzeszow is more my home, I think it takes a while for things to settle down and slowly things are, the more confidence I get the more I reach out and make friends.  So I am looking forward to seeing Josaia again on Monday - yippee I miss having girlfriends.

I have also started a new page of Gaia, it is a full page but there is some sea-life in this page, so I am excited that I will see something, instead of a lot of different colours.

15066/ 272250 = 5.33% (22nd November 2012)
I hope everyone has had a good week, mine again has been positive, I have been reminded of what real kindness is, made new friends and achieve a lot on my stitching.


  1. Great progress on Gaia. Glad you had a good time with your friend and you are starting to feel settled.

  2. LOL that's awesome that your making new friends!!! :) You cross stitch looks amazing!!


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