Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas Stitching

After some consideration I have decided to do some Christmas cross stitching as gifts, I have done this before and find some people to not really appreciate the effort and hard work you have put into it, I even had a couple of friends that have thrown the cross stitch cards away after Christmas - gutted.  So this year I am only giving these gifts to people that I know will appreciate them.

I think I may have left it kind of late but I will be spending the evenings this week completing my Christmas and Swap Groups stitching.  

There are ten small projects to complete, the swap group stitch (which is three of the projects) needs to be posted by 1st December and one 'Thank You' design.  I then will complete the final seven Christmas designs.  I will be adding the photos on completion.

I will also be using designs from the Christmas Magazine which I won in a competition.

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  1. Look forward to seeing your stitching from this great magazine.


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