Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas 2012....

I hope everyone had a happy Christmas.  Mine was busy, spent Christmas eve baking all day, I made two Christmas Cookie Trees and Home-made Chocolate Truffles as gifts for the ladies and Christmas Cherry Cake for Xmas Day.

The Christmas Cookie Trees.
Tree Wrapped and Ready to Go....

Some of the 75 Home-made Truffles.
The evening was spent with Rafal's family, eat a traditional 12 course Christmas Meal and I cooked on Christmas Day for Rafal's parents and brothers, which I am so pleased to say came out really good for my first attempt.

I also decided I wanted to make something for Rafal, he seems to have started to collect watches - well I actually buy him a watch for special gifts, like for our 5th Anniversary, Father Christmas Names Day etc, so he currently has five watches and I wanted to do something for him to keep them in.  I found a box in a local store and decided to use 'decoupage' to cover it - with time and travel theme.

I think it turned out really well, I am so pleased - plus it was quite relaxing to do and done so quickly. I will be doing this again, great gifts and so much you can do.

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