Friday, 28 December 2012

Stitching Update

Yesterday I reached my daily target of 700 stitches and enjoyed stitching again, I don't like it when I lose my stitching bug - but now its back.  I think the colours are blending in well.  I did email Michele regarding the red colour I was concerned about but she 'promised' it would all work out.

I have completed 7.95% of the chart - 21652/ 272250 stitches completed.

Also I was so excited to see that Annya's Autumn Owl Trio has been made into a mini chart and is in the sale m I decided it was time to buy it, it is only 200w/150h stitches, so will be so quick and I will start slowly collecting the colours - but I am so excited to get it.

Christmas Present to Myself....


  1. :) Lucky you :) I also have these owls on my wish list, but now I will have to save money for threads to the Lullaby - right now I've got enough for about 1,5 page ;)

  2. Hooray for meeting your goal! Sadness is really starting to look amazing:). The owl mini is tempting me so bad but I am trying to finish up some WIPs instead...

  3. Sadness looks gorgeous. Great new chart, this one seems very popular.


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