Monday, 17 December 2012

No Stitching Done

Last week did not go as planned - I did not achieve my goal of completing one page, I think I only stitched approximately 400 stitches, so far from my goal.

I seem to have lost all interest in my stitching, part of me really wants to carry on but another part is not enjoying it - so I am putting it aside for the time being, until my stitching bug comes back.

Also in my life last week there was a lot of decisions to be made about the future as life for me in Poland has not been so good and I miss England, so after a lot of thought we have decided that I am going to return to the UK in August 2013 and finally attend university to become a Register Nurse, which I was going to do before coming to Poland.

I finally feel that my life is heading somewhere again and I am looking forward to the future.  Before attending uni in September 2013, I need to complete my Access to Nursing Diploma, which I will be restarting on 7th January 2013 - I can't wait.

I have also starting a new blog which is about my journey to becoming a nurse - click here - and this blog will continue to be about my stitching.  I am off to find a nurse cross stitch design.


  1. many big decision.. I hope you will be happy again :) I wish good luck in everything

  2. You must do what makes you happy, both in stitching and other life issues, nursing is something I always wished I had done, so I wish you every success :) x


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