Saturday, 22 December 2012

Update of Gaia

I haven't had the internet at home for five days and I felt so lost without it, but I managed to find a small amount of time to stitch some of Gaia.

As you can see there are two dolphin's now (sorry not a great picture and excuse my hand).  The thing with this picture that I there is part that does not look right at all, the colour looks wrong to me.

I am sure you can notice that the bright red does not blend with the rest of the design.... this is bothering me a lot and part of it is stopping me stitching as the next page there is a lot of this colour.

Can you tell me what you think?  Does it look strange to you?


  1. Beautiful work! I've had the same issues with strange colours in my HAED stitching in the past on many occasions and unfortunately you really do have to trust the chart as it usually works itself once you get more of the design stitched aroung. If it really bothers you you couls always ask Michele to take a look at it if you really think it really shouldn't be there. I'd say keep on with it for a bit longer and have faith in the charting..... keep you chin up as you're doing a beautiful job!

  2. HI there!! This is spectacular!!! I think it looks wonderful and I wouldn't have noticed the "red" if you hadn't pointed it out. I have occasions myself on HAED stuff that I thought the colour looked wrong- but then worked out fine. If you feel that bad about it, just frog that section and leave it until the end.

    I honestly think that what shows online or in a computer pic doesn't translate well until we do the work. I've seen this several times, AND because it's a Jo Wall chart-- I'd be waiting. I'm working on Heart and Soul the Mini version and I had some thoughts like yours, but when I stood back after finishing that section, it looked really good!

    Wishing you the best of luck.. :)


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