Friday, 18 January 2013

Hermit Weekend Has Started...

I wanted to do a before and after of Gaia as the 'International Hermit Stitch Weekend' has started and I aim to complete this page this weekend.

I have managed to stitch 4780 stitches this week, so I am very pleased. 

So here is Gaia at the start of International Hermit Stitch Weekend...

Start of IHSW 18th January 2013.
I also signed up for the HAED BB 2013 Full Year Challenge - my challenge is to complete Sadness of Gaia by 31st December 2013.... Which is great as I was starting to lose my mojo and this has given me an extra boast... Has anyone else signed up??

Dont forget tomorrow is 'Grow Your Blog Party'.


  1. Great progress have a happy IHSW :)

  2. Beautiful progress and good luck on completing this by your goal! You are such a fast stitcher I'm sure you can do it :)

  3. Wow, I'm really impressed with this. I've always just done one colour at a time (like we were all taught as children) this is amazing, I love your design too. Looking forward to seeing more. I've visited you from the blog party. B

  4. Wow that's some GREAT progress! You are a very fast stitcher!


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