Monday, 14 January 2013

Weekly Gaia Update...

I was taking part in a 'Weekend SAL', so I managed to achieve quite a lot of stitching this weekend, also there is a lot of block stitching which makes it grow a lot faster.

Total stitches 29153/ 272250 = 10.71% of picture completed - This is officially the most number of stitches I have completed on one design...

14th January 2013.
I hope to complete this page this week as there is so much block work - the colours do not show up very well in the photo, but they are nice an bright.

This weekend we have the 'Hermit International Stitching Weekend' and the 'Grow Your Blog Party', so great weekend ahead.  Happy Stitching Everyone.


  1. It is looking absolutely beautiful. Good job getting so much finished.

  2. It looks gorgeous. Great progress.

  3. This is looking gorgeous :) I love all the colours

  4. Lesleyane-
    Your blog is loaded in for my Grow Your Blog party. Looking forward to your party posting. I hope you make lots of new firends!


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