Friday, 31 May 2013

Where's my needle...

Dragon Keeper doing his work...

I am always losing my needles when stitching and finally I found a solution from a small company called ''Where's My Needle'',the owner is a lovely lady called "Louise'' she is so helpful and her customer service is great.

I have purchased two of her needle keepers, one owl and one dragon, the owl I have even to my Mother-in-Law as a gift but I am using my dragon and it is great, the magnets stay on the fabric and I haven't lost a needle since owning it.

Please check out Louise's design and they are very affordable too - please mention me as recommendation. 'Click Here' to visit Louise's page.

Sorry not a great photo...


  1. Cute! It would have been nice to see the owl too! :D I love these little minders, I was like you forever losing my needles too but now... no more! They are all safe :D x

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  3. Mii Stitch, if you look at the previous post, you can see the owl needle minder. Not a big picture of it but the only one I have. Thank you :)


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