Saturday, 30 November 2013

Some Stitching and Another Race...

Last weekend I finally did about 400 stitches of Sadness of Gaia, I haven't really stitched a lot in two months and I also managed to complete another 400 today - this is really slow progress for me, but I cant seem to motivate myself to stitch...

Current WIP 23rd November 2013

Start of the Race...
I also completed my second 10k Race on Sunday (24th November 2013) it was a Trail Race, so through the forest and lots of mud, which made it really hard to run as my trainers seemed to stick to the ground like glue but I completed the race and received my second medal.

Finally the finish line...
I am still loving running, I will run in any weather, rain, snow but not wind, when its too windy it can take my breathe away and I struggle to catch my breathe.  

If my run is short I am also taking Nanook now, its great running with him - time seems to go a lot faster running with him.

My next race is 21st December 2013, its a 10K Christmas Race running in Krakow along the river at night, so its going to look amazing with all the lights up - I cant wait.

My Aunties, Rafal and I - they all drank a lot - I was drinking water!!!
Also my Aunties came to visit a couple of weeks ago for a few days and it was so great seeing them as its been about 5 years since I saw them last.  We showed them around Krakow and our home town and they also brought me loads of Galaxy Chocolate and Marmite - which I cant get in Poland.  I was so sad when they left, it was a very tearful goodbye at the airport...


  1. Great stitches and fun times with your Aunties!

    1. Thank you Catherine, it was great to see my Aunties - we had such fun :) xx

  2. Your stitching is beautiful. It seems like a lot of people are struggling with their stitching mojo.
    Good job on the running!

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I think I lose interest in stitching because I am only working on one project and its so large, it doesn't seem to grow much. :) xx

  3. Slow or not your stitching is beautiful! Congrats on finishing your race!


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