Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Advent Calendar Day 10...

Merry Christmas...

Welcome to Day 10 of the Advent Calendar Blog Hop, which has been arranged by the lovely Jo over at "Serendipitous Stitch"

So here is my Christmas stitching it is Gingerbread version of Rafal and I (I love Gingerbread-men at Christmas).

Every year I make these Christmas trees from home-made sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies, I give them as gifts to my Mother-in-Law and Rafal's Grandma.  They are such fun to make but do take all day as I only have a small cooker.

As I live in Poland, I get two Christmas meals, first on Christmas Eve which is the Polish meal, it contains 12 courses (all small) starting with soup, fish, and many more.  There is about 24 members of the family which all come together each year for this meal.

On Christmas Day, we have an English Christmas, with Rafal and I opening the presents and I make an English Christmas dinner for the just the close family.

I wish everyone a Happy Christmas - thank you for stopping by...


  1. Lesleyanne,
    What a cute couple of gingerbread men. What a sweet tradition you share together as a family/friends. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks for taking part. Love the gingerbread people and the Cookie Christmas trees are great.
    It sounds like you really make the most of your dual cultures too!

  3. Always fun to read of other's traditions! Those Christmas cookie trees are awesome!

  4. Your gingerbread couple is so cute! What a great gift to give, your trees look fabulous.

  5. Really enjoyed hearing about your traditions. But...who cooks the 12 courses?!

  6. Wow, I would have been very happy to hear more about the 12 courses! I had a friend from Poland and I know one of the main foods was carp which her mother kept in the bath before hand..not sure if that would be everyone's tradition from Poland though. The trees look amazing....Def going to be trying that!

  7. Great post - lovely to hear your Christmas traditions.

  8. Oh, no! Pork on Christmas Eve?!? That is not Polish tradition... Yep, there should be 12 courses but all vegetarian. I was born and raised in Poland and the only thing that I do not miss about the Christmas Eve dinner is Karp. Now I substitute that with sockeye salmon.
    I adore your gingerbread trees.

  9. Your sugar cookie trees look wonderful. Happy Holidays!

  10. Those cookie trees are wonderful!


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