Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The First IHSW of the Year...

Ladies, dont forget its 'International Hermit Stitching Weekend' starting on Friday - please pop over to 'Random Ramblings' to join in and see what all the fun is about.

I am aiming to finish my 19th page of Sadness of Gaia - I am hating this page as it appears to be nothing but different colours, but I must complete it.

Sadness of Gaia in her current WIP (there is a bit more completed  but this is close enough):

I am still completing my Marathon Training - my daily mileage is increasing, along with my strength and stamina.  I also take Nanook with me running now - every time I pick up my running shoes he is there waiting at the front door ready to go - I love running with him.  (I will get a photo of us running together soon).

I hope to see you are the IHSW - Have a great weekend xxx


  1. Good luck I hope you get to complete your 19th page during this weekend. I'm hoping for a page finish on my piece too.
    Go girls!
    Alicia xo

    1. Thank you Alicia.
      Good Luck with your page - I look forward to seeing your WIP :) xx

  2. I kept seeing this (maybe on facebook, or the HAED blog?) and was wondering where the blog was and thanks to hermit and stitch I found you! amazing progress so far, she is one of my favorites (the confetti on the Walls always intimidated me!)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, I have been struggling with her at the moment - but your words have encouraged me to push on. Once again thank you xx

  3. Whoah, Lesleyanne... this is looking amazing!!!! I love the colors in it. :D


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