Friday, 31 January 2014

TUSAL and A Page Completed...

I cant believe that I finally completed page 19 of Sadness of Gaia.  This page I have been working on for about 5 months and I hated it, the main reason is that it is a page of nothing, there is no real detail and this part of the design is meant to be covered in animals but I did stitch a butterfly...

Page 19 Completed (Pages 19/ 42)

Now I am able to start my BB HAED Challenge and complete the next 10 pages by the end of the year.

Its also TUSAL time, the second one this month:  I think I am wasting too much thread as its filling up rather quickly.  Please visit 'It's Daffycat' to find out more information and join in the fun.

TUSAL 30th January 2014
Also it is time for Stitch from Stash monthly update: I spend 0.00 this month on my stash - I am pleased with that :)....

This weekend I have my first race of the year - A 10K Night Run (starts at 10:00pm) Saturday night and I am hoping to complete this race in 60 minutes (but the weather is bad here at the moment, snow and high winds, so I will try my best).

From our longest run to date - 10.77 Miles completed.
My target for January was to run 80 miles and we beat that by completing 82.1 miles (by we I mean Nanook and I).  Our aim for February is 100 miles, as the big races start in March.

I hope everyone has a great weekend :) ...


  1. Well done on your page finish, i love the sparkle in the page too :)

    Good luck with the race tomorrow, I'm sure you'll be great! I'm hoping to go on another run tomorrow too (weather permitting!)

  2. Wow that's a lot of running!
    What a relief for you to get that annoying page done of your Gaia - well done on persevering with it when it was so boring to stitch...


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