Monday, 26 November 2012

Update on Gaia etc

I haven't done much stitching over the weekend (I dont tend to stitch on a Sunday) but this week I am trying to complete my first full page and I am hoping my new arrives, as it will be a lot easier to stitch than on the q-snaps that I am using.

This picture doesnt really show the colours very well at all, but this the current works that I have completed. 15599/ 272250 stitches - a long way to go!!

 This shows the detail of the sea a bit more, this areas will have some sea life in it, so I am excited to see them coming.

This is a closer view of the work on the second row I have started, you can see the sea starting to show through.

On Saturday I joined a group on the recommendation of a fellow blogger at 'Crafting across Continents' that stitches and makes quilts for charity called 'World of Charity Stitching'.  

They have a theme for a quilt that will be given to chosen person for charity and we are asked to stitch something in that theme, it is only a design 9x9.  I have signed up for the Teacup project, I have a cute design of a teacup, which I will stitch and send over.

I am excited by the thought of taking part in something that helps people and I get to use my stitching skills.

Please if you have a small amount of time to stitch something for charity please take a look and sign up - Click Here.


  1. You are really quick with Gaia :)
    We have also similar charity - it calls "za jeden uśmiech" ->

  2. Hi Meri, I have looked at the Polish site and asked to join, it would be great to do something for charity in Poland. Thank you for letting me know :)

  3. Lesley thanks for the link to my blog and I am glad that you joined WOCS too! I can't wait to see your teacup design :)

  4. Wow, everytime I see this I get excited!!! It's coming along really fast!!! Great work!


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