Monday, 2 June 2014

TUSAL and Mini Update

I know its a bit late but here is my April TUSAL. Please visit Its DaffyCat if your interested in joining in the fun.

I have also done three rows of page 21 on Gaia, this page is just confetti, the detail will be of Gaia's back and more waterfalls.  But each stitch gets me closer to finishing her...

I am hoping to complete this page this week!!!

I also completed my 5th 10k Race two weeks ago, which I struggled as it started at midday and the sun was so hot but I finished in an ok time.

Waiting to Start.... Nanook always comes to my races :)

I didn't make my other two races due to my IBS effecting me, which I am very disappointed about but I have another race at the end of june and then my Autumn Race Season starts at the end of August.

I also completed my Stitch from Stash for May, my spending is still 0.00.  That's one great thing about working on one project, there is nothing to buy :)

I hope everyone has a great week...


  1. Great stitching! Well done on the race, sorry to hear you were unwell and couldn't make the others. Well done on a 0 spend for May.

  2. Such a sweet post
    Well done my dear xxx

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog, you're set as a No Reply person, it happens a lot when people go over to google plus. Also the link in your email goes to a different blog (with the same name, just no "my").
    Congratulations on the run, I walk alot so I'm quite fit but I only usually run for buses and trains!


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